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Commercial Vehicles


Mobility Services is totally committed to your satisfaction! In addition, we pride ourselves on our ability to be a cost-efficient partner for you! We build and sell the best wheelchair vans, ambulettes, and buses in the industry and back them up with responsive and expert service and support.

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Private Use Vehicles


If you have determined that you need the ability for someone to enter and exit your vehicle while seated in a wheelchair or scooter, then you need a wheelchair van. Wheelchair vans have been modified to increase the interior size of the vehicle and to equip it with a means of wheelchair entry such as a ramp or lift.

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Wheelchair Securement


A wheelchair’s brakes are never enough for a wheelchair user to be safely secured while driving or being transported in a vehicle. For either the driver or passenger position, there are two types of systems to safely transport a wheelchair and its occupant: manual and electric restraints.

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EMS Stretchers


Ferno provides the most complete line of innovative patient handling solutions. Every Ferno Ambulance Cot, Transporter, and Stretcher is engineered, designed, and tested to ensure the highest level of reliability and functionality, and to keep you and your patients safe on every call. For almost every scenario, there is a Ferno solution.

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Driving Controls


Specialty driving controls are available for most vehicles to allow you to take control of your life and your vehicle. We offer a variety of driving controls that will allow you to control the gas and brake pedals as well as many other controls in your vehicle such as turn signals, windshield wipers, horn, and so forth…

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